Safety & Health


Plant and Machinery environment will always carry risk, but we’re working towards a future where that never means serious injury or loss of life.

We know what the biggest risks are and we’re putting improved rules, standards and new technologies in place to ensure effective management and control.

Our operations continue to increase and improve reporting of, and learning from, high potential incidents (HPIs) as a preventative tool to improve safety performance.


Zero Harm. It’s an idea that’s at the foundation of our approach to occupational health. We believe that none of our people should be injured or contract illness while at work. But what are we doing to reach that goal?

All of our efforts to help combat occupational health risks are guided by three principles: 

  • We believe that all occupational illnesses are preventable.
  • We learn by assessing and monitoring exposure and surveillance of occupational disease incidence in order to prevent further harm.
  • We apply common, simple and non-negotiable standards throughout Pure Oil Industries.

And these principles are supported by a framework of measures and processes.

At our sites, the focus is on reduction of exposure to health hazards at the source through good engineering practice and rigorous maintenance of controls. Our standards go beyond legal compliance but compliance with the law will always be the minimum standard.

To support all these efforts, dangers to health are clearly and openly communicated at our sites with all stakeholders.

Taking care of our people is at the core of what we do. With the right level of rigour and effort, the goal of Zero Harm for occupational health is an achievable one.