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Our brands live at the heart of life, committed to the healthiness and well being of consumers. We strive for quality in all our processes

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Dig in to our delicious recipes . From trusted traditional African cuisines to western meals, these recipes are loved by us ‐ and soon by you.

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To be productive, safe, responsible and sustainable, we make our best effort to ensure our operations and brands live alongside thriving communities

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We’re committed to promoting the social and economic development of our people and communities that make us all great. Check out more on our current future strategies that makes us sustainable

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People are our business, and we’ve no doubt about our first priority: Our focus is leading with safety and investing in health and wellbeing, we’re getting ever closer to our goal of zero harm.

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Explore Pure Oil Industries latest media releases, corporate publications and social media interactions to gain an insight on our strategy, growth perspectives and more

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Mopani Worm Quiche

Madora  also known as macimbi (or mopani worms) is a type of edible worm that is derived from a tree called Mupani in Zimbabwe. The worm is a local and traditional delicase. You can eat then as dried or cooked served with sadza.

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Beef & Bacon Cheeseburger

This is most definitely the most divine burger you will ever sink your teeth into. Smoky bacon and ground beef come together in the most spectacular way in this simple recipe. The real trick is how to get the bacon in there and after a lot of testing, I finally figured it out. And you

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These freezable and simple-to-make fish patties are ideal as a family meal or can be made and frozen individually as a quick last-minute kids supper, from toddlers to teens

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Sausage & Bean Stew

This dish is so easy: Just brown your favorite smoked sausage, toss the ingredients together, and let the slow cooker do the rest. All you need to round out the meal is a simple green salad and loaf of crusty bread.

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